This is the Code site for Lucid. You can log in here with the same account you use on the main site, as well as Dojo's site.



You can find all the repos listed under Lucid's Github page: http://github.com/lucid/
We'll be getting these moved over to Dojo's servers soon...


If you want to contribute to Lucid, you need to have a CLA filled out. See Dojo's CLA page for more info.

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Latest projects

  • Website (05/12/2009 05:26 PM)

    The code behind the main website

  • Synergy (05/12/2009 05:26 PM)

    An Adobe AIR app that integrates with Lucid

  • Lucid (05/12/2009 05:16 PM)

    Lucid is a free, open source web based desktop, web desktop, or webOS that gives you a portable, online workspace that you can use to store files, play media, and manage your office documents. The goal of the project is to provide an application platform that integrates seamlessly with the web, existing desktop technologies, and mobile devices.